Climate Change

Catamaran resting on resting on a residential neighborhood street after Hurricane Ian
A warming climate will increase the number of tropical cyclones and their intensity in the North Atlantic, potentially creating more and stronger hurricanes, according to simulations using a high-resolution, global climate model.
This study explores the role of climate change in extreme low rainfall associated with southern Madagascar food insecurity, 2019–21.
This study provides spatial and temporal observation-based analyses of the role of natural and anthropogenic factors in climate extremes, using state-of-the-art time series methods.
As New Yorkers prepared to celebrate the holiday season amid a mostly unseasonably warm winter, many flocked to the ever popular ice skating rink and fire pits on Governors Island.
29 Dec 2022
UN CC:Learn
This course presents how children and youth can be impacted by climate change, how their resilience can be strengthened, and how they can act to address this challenge.
2 hours
Xynthia was a perfect storm of hurricane-force winds, surging seas and driving rain that smashed into the western coasts of France and Spain overnight, wreaking havoc as far inland as Germany.
This is a guide that helps integrate teaching and action on climate resilience into congregations.
This study analyzes the exposure of energy and transport assets in Asia and the Pacific to climate change and earthquake hazards and highlights how multi-hazard assessment can help strengthen the resilience of crucial infrastructure.
A woman protects herself from the hot sun in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
A large area centred around the central-northern part of Argentina, and also southern Bolivia, central Chile, and most of Paraguay and Uruguay, experienced record-breaking temperatures during two consecutive heatwaves in November and early December 2022.
New York winter storm
An influx of Arctic air is blasting across the U.S., sending temperatures plunging and creating social media buzz about the polar vortex. Meteorologist Bob Henson explains the phenomenon.