Disaster Risk Management

This report explores the unique contributions of Earth observation data to anticipatory action, the development-humanitarian spectrum, the various challenges of the data’s incorporation, and a collection of guidance and best practices from experts.
Showing financial developments and business growth with a growing tree in a coin toss.
Global warming is expected to lead to an accumulation of particularly intense hurricanes in the United States. This may substantially increase the economic losses caused by these storms.
The mock drill exercise was held under the leadership of the National Disaster Management Authority by creating a hypothetical flood situation in five panchayats in different taluks of the district.
Researchers have continued to develop and refine all facets of flood-related responses, devising a comprehensive suite of investments that governments can make to safeguard their nation.
29 Dec 2022
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
The units of this course analyze the issues surrounding gender concepts, concerns and practices, and ways to address these concerns in disaster situations.
Xynthia was a perfect storm of hurricane-force winds, surging seas and driving rain that smashed into the western coasts of France and Spain overnight, wreaking havoc as far inland as Germany.
Man planting mangroves in the water in Indonesia.
This glossary is a list of definitions of terms and concepts relevant to disaster risk reduction. Discover the words you need to know in your work to prevent disasters.
Mozambique - aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Idai, 2021
This blogpost looks at the challenges associated with forecasting not only the hazards themselves, but also their impacts, to inform anticipatory action that protects many more people from harm.
The analysis of the lessons learned and the available documents regarding the Bam earthquake in Iran (2003) shows that the preparedness of people and organizations to face this event was very low.
Adults and children walking through flooded streets in Pakistan
South Asia's megacities have huge economic potential and large populations, and must be supported to power the adaptation and innovation needed to deal with the cascading impacts of sea level rise.