Where does your water supply come from?
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This factsheet assesses anticipatory cash transfers and early warning information ahead of drought in Ethiopia. Ahead of the March-May 2021 rainy season, forecasts indicated below-average rainfall was highly likely in the Somali region.
Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan has endorsed a government plan to address flooding and drought issues across the country.
This article is focusing on assessing the vulnerability of a city to groundwater drought, using parts of the lowland city of Leiden, the Netherlands, as a case study.
This CRED Crunch newsletter explores the interplay of drought-flood extreme events in Africa over the last twenty years (2002-2021).
A woman protects herself from the hot sun in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
A large area centred around the central-northern part of Argentina, and also southern Bolivia, central Chile, and most of Paraguay and Uruguay, experienced record-breaking temperatures during two consecutive heatwaves in November and early December 2022.
Redwood forest canopy
This study describes a model to predict canopy water content during drought and heat waves, which could enable the development of fire danger forecasting models that include the role of vegetation in their calculations.
Farmer in a dry field
This study discusses how precipitation anomalies brought about by climate change particularly hurt the poorest, especially in countries that heavily rely on the agricultural sector.
What was known: Weather forecast availability and communication in conflict-affected countries
This paper examines the efficacy of Early Warning Early Action in conflict-affected countries: whether global forecast models predicted historical floods in conflict-affected regions and whether forecast information was communicated for droughts.