Early Warning

2022 was a busy year for volcanic eruptions with Hawaii's Mauna Loa and Kilaeau erupting simultaneously, along with Mount Semeru, Indonesia and the Hunga undersea volcano in Tonga.
Since the decision taken by UN to propose early warning for all in 2030, arose the question of how to cover multiples regions, multiples languages and multiple hydrometeorological as well as geophysical phenomenons.
The mock drill exercise was held under the leadership of the National Disaster Management Authority by creating a hypothetical flood situation in five panchayats in different taluks of the district.
Cover WFP
This factsheet assesses anticipatory cash transfers and early warning information ahead of drought in Ethiopia. Ahead of the March-May 2021 rainy season, forecasts indicated below-average rainfall was highly likely in the Somali region.
GPS map on mobile phone.
The Department of Disaster Management (DDM) is developing an enhanced emergency alerting app, which will be available to the public next year.
Big blue wave
Deep learning could save lives by slashing the time needed to predict the height and reach of large tsunamis.
Mozambique - aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Idai, 2021
This blogpost looks at the challenges associated with forecasting not only the hazards themselves, but also their impacts, to inform anticipatory action that protects many more people from harm.
The people most rattled by the magnitude 6.4 earthquake early Tuesday said the alert didn't give them enough time to take cover as the temblor shook homes off foundations, knocked out power and water to thousands, and injured more than a dozen people.
The country’s EWS needs to be improved where every warning is made based on forecast data that is observed and modelled at the local level, and information is disseminated based on the calculated impact and uses various digital dissemination platforms
Woman walking through the flooded street in Nigeria with a yellow rain cape.
NASA’s Earth Science Applied Sciences Disasters program area has partnered with the University of Hawaiʻi’s Pacific Disaster Center and other scientific institutions to release a significant breakthrough in flood prediction technology.