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River bed and destroyed village after the July 2021 floods in Germany
This column presents the results of a first quantification, carried-out for selected EU countries, of the potential fiscal impact of acute physical risks from climate change.
Showing financial developments and business growth with a growing tree in a coin toss.
Global warming is expected to lead to an accumulation of particularly intense hurricanes in the United States. This may substantially increase the economic losses caused by these storms.
29 Dec 2022
Start Network
Kaya (Humanitarian Leadership Academy)
This self-guided course will follow up on the knowledge gained from the pre-request course “Introduction to Disaster Risk Financing (DRF)” to build the knowledge on the 2nd pillar which is Risk Analytics.
2 hours
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This factsheet assesses anticipatory cash transfers and early warning information ahead of drought in Ethiopia. Ahead of the March-May 2021 rainy season, forecasts indicated below-average rainfall was highly likely in the Somali region.
Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan has endorsed a government plan to address flooding and drought issues across the country.
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A new report by Christian Aid, Counting the cost 2022: a year of climate breakdown identifies 20 of the most destructive climate disasters of the year. The ten most financially costly events all had an impact of $3 billion or more.
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Study identifies the year’s 10 costliest extreme events influenced by the climate crisis - each caused more than $3 billion in damage.
27 Dec 2022
Kaya (Humanitarian Leadership Academy)
Start Network
This course provides an introduction to Financing Arrangements for Start Ready's Disaster Risk Financing approach.
WFP is sharing the lessons learned of its partnership with the government of Mozambique for the implementation of anticipatory actions.
New Delhi, India
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