In Indonesia, disaster management is often reduced to distribution of emergency relief and patchy recovery. What is missing is a seismic mitigation master plan that barely exists in quake-prone Indonesia.
This issue focuses on the various recovery and preparedness concerns related to the pandemic across the world.
This report identifies eleven options that could improve the United States of America's federal approach to disaster recovery.
This paper reconstructs and analyses the Central Italy temporary housing supply and delivery process. It combines a meta-analysis of published documents and business process modelling to uncover links between policy, society, and space.
Kobe, Japan
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The Asian Disaster Reduction Center is seeking to recruit a disaster recovery researcher to be employed at the International Recovery Platform Secretariat.
How a community recovers after a disaster like Hurricane Ian is often a “chicken and egg” question: Which returns first – businesses or households?
This paper discusses, in the form of a case study, the resettlement process of Aranayake that took place in 2016. In Aranayake, 512 families have resettled at ten relocation sites or at their own residences.
Resilience is really about a series of protective measures or choices. It's not just one.