Risk Identification & Assessment

Catamaran resting on resting on a residential neighborhood street after Hurricane Ian
A warming climate will increase the number of tropical cyclones and their intensity in the North Atlantic, potentially creating more and stronger hurricanes, according to simulations using a high-resolution, global climate model.
This study aims to analyze flood resilience (FR) in Karaj City, Iran, using a new fuzzy method which combines several qualitative and quantitative indices
Pedestrians traverse the inundated streets of Venice, Italy
A recent study provides an assessment of pluvial flood risks in the Metropolitan City of Venice through an innovative Machine Learning methodology that considers spatio-temporal variables.
2022 was a busy year for volcanic eruptions with Hawaii's Mauna Loa and Kilaeau erupting simultaneously, along with Mount Semeru, Indonesia and the Hunga undersea volcano in Tonga.
Overhead shot of a volcano
Geologists found deposits of volcanic rock and ash farther out from ubehebe than at similar volcanic craters because of better preservation, suggesting that similar volcanoes may have wider hazard zones than previously thought.
The 4RF document provides programmatic priorities, policy framework, institutional arrangements, financing strategy, and implementation arrangements for resilient recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction in the aftermath of the 2022 floods.
Fire fighters in clouds of smoke during a wild fire in Greece
Over the summer of 2022, the European “fire season” made headlines, and the burned area was said to be “unprecedented” in many countries. However, an examination of historical climate and fire data provides some important context.
The mock drill exercise was held under the leadership of the National Disaster Management Authority by creating a hypothetical flood situation in five panchayats in different taluks of the district.
Illustration of two tectonic plates in the ocean causing a tsunami
When tectonic plates collide and thrust over each other and cause an earthquake, a tsunami can occur. That should not happen in an earthquake where the plates slide past each other. A team of researchers has a new solution to the riddle.
Man covering face from air pollution
On Dec. 30, 2021, one of the most destructive wildfires on record in Colorado swept through neighborhoods just a few miles from our offices at the University of Colorado Boulder.