2022 was a busy year for volcanic eruptions with Hawaii's Mauna Loa and Kilaeau erupting simultaneously, along with Mount Semeru, Indonesia and the Hunga undersea volcano in Tonga.
 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami disaster
A new study has found that Individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to experience disaster-related home loss, and they are also more likely to develop functional limitations following the disaster.
Illustration of two tectonic plates in the ocean causing a tsunami
When tectonic plates collide and thrust over each other and cause an earthquake, a tsunami can occur. That should not happen in an earthquake where the plates slide past each other. A team of researchers has a new solution to the riddle.
Big blue wave
Deep learning could save lives by slashing the time needed to predict the height and reach of large tsunamis.
Temple in front of a waterfall in a forest in Japan.
In disaster-prone Japan, torrential rains exacerbated by the climate crisis have caused serious flooding and landslides in recent years, including in the country’s many forests.
Damage from volcanic eruption and tsunanami - Sopu, Tonga 16 January 2022
Quantifying human responses to disasters could improve preparation for future threats, scientists say.
waves on a beach
Research from the University of Washington shows that signals from the upper atmosphere could improve tsunami forecasting and, someday, help track ash plumes and other impacts after a volcanic eruption.
This research addressed the effects of socioeconomic status and demographic composition on mortality in the 2011 Tohoku tsunami using community-level data.